Use This Unique Furniture to Design Your Bathroom

posted on April 23, 2020

Use This Unique Furniture to Design Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the important rooms in your home. Lots of bathroom design styles you can choose. Not only pay attention to cleanliness, but the bathroom design can also create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for you. So, you need to pay attention to the bathroom design. One of the things you can consider in designing a bathroom is room lighting. We recommend that you put the position of the bathroom facing the direction of the East or West sun. By positioning the room that gets the right lighting, germs can die because of the natural lighting. Well, to complete the design of your bathroom, the selection of the right sink is also needed. Especially in the current pandemic, the sink function is needed for you and your family. You can wash your hands and face very easily in your bathroom without getting wet from splashing water. It is different if you can wash your hands using because of the shower in your bathroom. The choice of sink also needs to be carefully considered. Not only the size but the sink to complete the design of your bathroom also has to match the interior design of the bathroom. To choose a sink that can complement the design of your bathroom, here is a unique sink inspiration that you can refer to.

Bathroom Design with Tree Trunk Sink

You can use a tree trunk for the sink in your bathroom. But how? You can revive a dead tree trunk. The use of tree trunks as support is already too mainstream to complement your bathroom design. You can try to design it in other ways, such as hanging the tree trunk using an iron chain. Don't just hang it, you have to make sure the tree trunk you choose already has a size that is thick enough so that the trunk of the Kuta tree when it is attached to the sink surface. To design it, you can coat the trunk of the tree with a waterproof material so that it lasts for long-term use in your bathroom. The sink style is perfect to complement your bathroom design that is industrial or rustic.

Bathroom Design with a Minimalist Sink

You can use stone and wood materials that are very identical with natural nuances to complete the bathroom design. The combination of the sink design model with your bathroom design can display a minimalist impression. If you choose a sink table made of wood with a clear line, you can also combine it with a sink surface made of natural stone material. Indeed the shape of the sink is not too concave, but you do not need to be confused, the water will not be easily splashed in all directions in your bathroom. By choosing this design style, you no longer need to add other decorations that are right for your bathroom design. Bathroom sink with natural nuance will give a stunning appearance for you.

Bathroom Design with Feminine Sink

For those of you who are detailed in arranging everything, including arranging the sink area in your bathroom, you can try this one style sink. Because the sink area is often used to wash face, wash hands, style hair, to clean makeup. Considering your need for a sink function, you should choose a sink that has a large table, so that all the products you use, such as soap, can be placed there. To adjust to the design of the bathroom, you can use a material in the form of iron with rose gold colour on the design of the sink surface. The application of this style can display the impression of feminism in your bathroom. If there is still space left in the sink area, you can add decorations with a simple appearance, such as a flower vase. The design of your bathroom can be made with a feel of feminism just by choosing the right sink. So, you don't need to worry anymore about the design of your bathroom.

Bathroom Design with Classic Style Sink

If you have a large occupancy, you can apply the double sink concept. This concept makes the sink that complements the design of your bathroom can be integrated with the storage cabinet. In designing a sink, you can use wood material combined with a mirror frame that can make a sink in your bathroom give a classic impression. The design of your bathroom becomes more attractive and comfortable. In placing a mirror, you can put it between the lights so that your bathroom get maximum lighting. A sink that can complement the design of your bathroom also makes it easy to use it, especially when you want to clean your face or make up your face. The advantages that you will get if you have a large bathroom sink, will give a beautiful impression if combined with additional decorations, such as flower vases. You need to remember, the addition of decoration must have a colour that matches the design of your bathroom and sink.

Bathroom Design with A Luxury Sink

Do you have a bathroom design with a luxury concept? If you have it, of course, you need a bathroom sink with a fancy design style too. To continue to display the concept of luxury, you can choose a sink that can complement the design of your bathroom with a black cabinet. With the luxurious sink appearance of gold accents that you can see from the water tap and the cabinet, your bathroom design is perfect. Your bathroom design will be more complete if you have a large mirror and have a line on the edge of the mirror. Besides, to add a luxurious appearance, you can use optimal lighting in your bathroom design.

Bathroom Design with A Combination of Wood and Stainless Steel Sink

The style of the sink that is suitable to complete the design of your bathroom, you can choose a sink made of a combination of wood and stainless steel. Moreover, the design is very suitable for rustic style bathrooms. The design of this sink uses a table at the bottom surface which is left visible. This sink you can choose because it has a large table area. You can use this area to put handwashing soap or other petite decorations in your bathroom.


After knowing the inspiration of the sink style to complement your bathroom design, can you easily determine the design that suits your bathroom or are you even more confused? If you are still confused, you can work with us to make your bathroom design perfect. Contact our customer service or visit our official website to work together to make the bathroom of your dreams.

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