Interior Design Jakarta: Your House Need to Work Harder for You When Life is A Lockdown

posted on June 12, 2020

Interior Design Jakarta: Your House Need to Work Harder for You When Life is A Lockdown

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Through COVID-19, you have lived close to your family and friends, both at home and online. The intensive activities you use in your home may have revealed some of the shortcomings of your home. A home that has relative freedom to interact with one another, but the role of your home constantly makes you wish you could meet all your needs, and of course, you want the house to have more roles so you can rest comfortably in the house. Having both work and school from home has highlighted how important your home is to be more flexible. To carry out these activities, sometimes you have to be able to separate several spaces in the house to meet your needs for activity. You might have furniture that can be redesigned precisely. Suppose you can make a more comfortable room decor with neatly arranged blankets and to redecorate your bedroom so that you can rest without feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, you are at home every day, doing all your activities, so you need to make the home a comfortable and not boring place.

However, working from home makes you want to create your own home office. With a home office, work from home activities will increasingly make you not disturbed by outside noise. Especially for those of you who live with extended families, designing a pleasant home office is one of the right ways to keep you productive at work. Besides, if you want to create a separate home office from your main home, the home office will be like a second home with a smaller size for you, and you can make it attached to the main house. This will make your work activities more happily. If you want to design a home office that can support your work performance, you can work together with Jakarta interior design to realize your dream home office. Not only has an attractive appearance, but your home office can also maximize its function to work from home. For those of you who have a house with a small size, sometimes feel confused about how to divide the functions of each room to fulfil all your activities during a pandemic like this. Jakarta's interior design will offer a solution that can solve your problem with a small house. So what was the role of your home in this pandemic? Does your home have a maximum support for all your activities and your family? 

Jakarta Interior Design: How Small a House?

Even small houses can be designed to feel more spacious than before, the size of your home can be indicated by the floor area that has a small size. For those of you who have a small size of the house, you can use the yard and the remaining space around the house, for example, the use of furniture and walls that are designed like storage to make a space or a small area that is more useful. Besides, you can use windows that have been well designed by Jakarta's interior design to provide natural light, ventilation, and views of the outside area of your home have them. Jakarta's interior design will use the volume in the roof for light and create a warm feel in the house.

Different from small houses, some bigger houses may have been designed quite well and effectively which can better maximize the function of each room in it. Apart from the different ways each person uses his house, at the time of this pandemic, everyone had spent a lot of time inside the house. Although now some countries have entered a new normal time, still today the house is not just a room or a series of rooms, the house has become a place that can support all your activities. You must make your home at least maintain a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom facilities. If you make the house can maximize the function or role of each room, you will feel comfortable living in it.

However, if you want to make your small house able to maximize its function, you should consult with Jakarta's interior design, so that your house can be a place that can support your needs and desires. You need to know, the right home interior design following the function of each room will make you easy to do activities. One room in your house can be designed to be multifunctional by Jakarta's interior design. Likewise, Jakarta's interior design will make the living room partitionable to a dining room, and make it still look like two different rooms.

Jakarta Interior Design: Home and Maximize Functions

The flexibility of each room in your home will determine how you live in it, and how it can contribute to making you able to do all activities easily. For those of you who have smaller houses, but are designed effectively so that they can be utilized to the full. Have more rooms in the house where each room can support your activities. As you know, the small size of the house does have an impact on the appearance of your home.

The room in your house can be designed to function more for your family, while the open space that you don't normally use, you can use it again as a place to exercise, or other activities. That way, you place your home to meet a variety of affordable needs. So have you maximized the function of your home appropriately? The presence of Jakarta's interior design can help you maximize the function of every room in your home, you are ready to do all the activities from home. When you start of the house at this new normal time, maybe your way will be more intensive in using the house, and maybe you are in a better position to pay more attention to the design of your home so that your home doesn't just look beautiful.

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Well, for those of you who want to adapt your home, whether it's to redesign or design it from scratch, you can work with us as a Jakarta interior design. We will make the interior design of your home according to your dream design that can meet your needs and desires. You can easily contact our customer service team on this website. It's time to maximize the function of your home with us!

Interior Designers: Contact us via Hyde Living to create your dream home and follow our newsletter for updates on residential inspiration.

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