Design Your Home with Hyde Living

posted on June 17, 2020

Design Your Home with Hyde Living

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Making a house or apartment into a comfortable place is not just about building the residence. You also need to think about the arrangement of each room in the house. The steps in spatial planning will greatly determine whether or not you are comfortable to live in. Especially for the design of your dream home, spatial planning and home interior design are necessary so that you can realize a home that suits your dreams. It's just that doing interior design for your home is not easy. If you are wrong in applying the tricks for spatial planning for your home, you will break the interior design of your dream home.

So you are not wrong in designing the interior of your home, you can work together with interior design. The existence of interior design will design from the beginning which will design the interior design of your home. So, there is no harm in using interior design services to create a stylish room for your dream home. The important thing you need to know, the right interior design style will produce an attractive interior style for your dream home. But on the contrary, the wrong interior style in the arrangement of the location of the room will only make your home feel less comfortable to be left. If you want to know more about interior design, here are some facts you should know about interior design for your home or apartment.

What is Interior Design

The use of interior design services is not a stranger anymore. It's just that, maybe you are still confused about what exactly interior design services or interior design are. You might think, is it the same as arranging space. to place tables, chairs, furniture or other furniture that you will need in your home. The main concept in interior design is to arrange the space, including what interior style you want to present in the room. However, the interior design is not as simple as you imagine like the arrangement of the location of the furniture. In interior design, spatial planning cannot be done haphazardly. The variety of details that you want to present must be considered appropriately, starting from the style or interior design that you want to apply, material for furniture used in the house. Various considerations that are considered in designing the interior of your home or apartment are not done haphazardly. Every interior design service has principles that are held in doing its work.

It is from this principle that the interior design of the room has a balanced composition and interior proportion that also matches the interior design of a room with another room. Besides, from the interior design that has been appropriately designed, interior design has applied its principles to create a harmonious and one-unit home interior. Every room in your house or apartment will be one part that is difficult to separate. Between one room and another room in your house, you must have a binder or link because it has the same design theme. If you want to know, actually in interior design has seven main principles. In addition to the principle of a balanced composition, suitable proportions, harmonize each room in the house. Interior design also has other principles, namely the principle of vocal points, rhythm, colour, and detail. The four interior design principles are nothing but a way to create a balanced composition in your home or apartment.

Interior Design Objectives

In the application of interior design principles, it aims to create a room that not only has high aesthetic value but is also functional. With so, you and your guests who visit the house can feel comfortable. For example, have you ever come to a house that has a room with a large size but feels crowded? Why is that? That could be because you do not use the principles of interior design in the arrangement of rooms in your home. Will be inversely proportional if a small-sized house can seem spacious and comfortable to live in. The trick to giving a broad impression can be realized by having a balanced composition of arrangements between each room in your home.

Home Interior Design Style

Do you want to apply a balanced composition to the interior design of every room in your home? A balanced composition in a properly designed room can be present because of the application of tricks in selecting a matching theme for each room in the house. Various interior design style themes can determine what furniture or furniture needs to be there, as well as decorations that can complement the design theme that is carried, to the colour you want to use for colour schemes on the walls of the room, and furniture selection. From time to time, the actual style of interior design is developing. Of the many interior design styles, several interior design styles have become popular and are very much a choice. Well,

1. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavia has similarities with a minimalist interior design style. For an impression that wants to be carried, Scandinavian interior design style has a simple impression in the arrangement of the room. This furniture is only for decorating the room. In colour selection, neutral colours are the main choice for this design. And with a natural touch through the wood elements that are presented, the impression of this one interior design style can be felt more indoors.

2. Contemporary Modern Interior Design

In contrast to Scandinavian design, contemporary modern carries the principle of open space. Therefore, ornaments which have partitioning properties tend not to be used in contemporary modern interior design styles. So, the distance between one room with another room is not separated from the wall but uses functional furniture.

3. Vintage Interior Design

For vintage interior design, the style will give the feel of the old days in your home and apartment. Antique decoration can also be your choice in applying vintage themes. The selected colour usually chooses natural colours, such as brown, grey, and also moss green.

4. Shabby Chic Interior Design

The shabby chic design style bears a resemblance to a vintage design style. However, the selection of colours is pastel colours that have feminism. The decorations that are carried also provide a touch of floral which is a support to present a chic shabby design theme.

If you are interested in designing your house or apartment, you can work with us. We can realize the interior design of your home as you want and need.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Hyde Living to create your dream home and sign up our newsletter for updates on residential inspiration.

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