Apartment Interior with Eclectic Style

posted on November 7, 2019

Apartment Interior with Eclectic Style

Do you have an interior design that you like? Your favorite designs aren't just limited to modern, classic, or minimalist styles. You need to know, at this time the contemporary minimalist design with an eclectic touch of luxury is a much sought after reference. This style combines the historical elements as the basic elements in creating authentic characteristics with the priority of freedom of expression. Uniquely, the eclectic design style has never been seen before. Do you want to apply to the interior of your apartment? Get to know the eclectic design that will take you to the past.

The Importance of Apartment Interior Design

The importance of interior design is made to be able to meet the needs following the lifestyle of the owner, especially the apartment. Do not let the area of ​​the apartment owned makes you limit yourself to make a creation by what you want. So what kind of interior design concept is this one? You can freely design your home and adapt to your tastes by applying this design style.

Application of Contemporary Minimalist Design

Apartments that have minimalist contemporary interior design, especially with a touch of eclectic luxury in the decor will look very attractive. The use of space in a minimalist concept can usually be adjusted to the needs of the owner. Every element in a house can apply this design. Just called the concept of minimalism, so it is not just applying, these elements already have their functions and each does not have excessive properties. Like dining table furniture made small, it is made according to the number of occupants. Doesn't exceed the function the owner wants, right? Many people still like the minimalist concept to be applied to the interior of their apartment.

Unlike the minimalist design, contemporary design follows the current state of trends. Usually, home interiors with contemporary styles are more eye-catching. The contemporary style has a unique structure and shape, as well as striking colors. You will immediately know that an apartment has this concept. Not only that, but contemporary is also often interpreted as a concept that makes your home comfortable and clean. Not a style of design that is foreign to you. When a minimalist and contemporary style is designed into one design concept, it will be very similar and making a combination of the two designs will make the interior design perfect. Have you imagined these two design concepts to be applied to the interior of your apartment?

Cleanliness and Comfort as a Contemporary Style Identity

As you well know, rooms that are designed in a contemporary style are more comfortable and clean. You can see this element in the apartment design by Samitrayasa. Designs that use white, gray, and brown colors or can be called soft colors. The color is given to give the impression of clean and comfortable. While the gray room sofa is very harmonious, the curtain colors are also the result of white lighting

Not only color selection, but lighting also plays an important role in contemporary minimalist interior design. For its application to the contemporary minimalist style, the lights are usually highlighted through glass or metal. The selection of the lamp model is intended to be able to steal attention through the focal point or focal point. Applying these factors will greatly help you to create an apartment interior that has a contemporary minimalist concept.

Eclectic Style in Contemporary Minimalist Design

Although in its application, the apartment room with neutral colors that look minimalist and monotonous, the eclectic elements applied to the room will add its unique impression. That is why the concept of contemporary minimalism is very popular today. An eclectic apartment design style results from the merging of elements and furniture that can be made into a unified whole in a room.

In a way, the touch of various elements influences each other to realize the concept. Instead, the various elements that are combined in an eclectic design do not mean producing a messy interior. This design makes a beautiful interior and you will not feel bored again with the interior design of your apartment. So you have a dream apartment occupancy.

Ethnic and Historical Accessories in the Eclectic Style

Uniquely, ethnic elements become elements that often appear in eclectic designs. What kind of ethnic elements can be applied in a minimalist contemporary design style? In its application, this style has a variety of accessories and furniture that has many carvings placed on the wall in the dining table area.

When you look at it, accessories and furniture that are applied to the eclectic style will feel thick ethnic nuances. Although ethnic and traditional, this carving is still suitable when combined with dining table furniture and modern living room furniture.

The Uniqueness of the Eclectic Style

Some apartments apply interior decoration by combining a variety of design styles that have the characteristics of an eclectic style. The design was chosen because it is very distinctive with the shape, color, and motif of an accessory that has artistic value. Not only ethnic elements from carvings, but the furniture used will also look antique and has a dissymmetrical asymmetrical design. Also, wall paint is often made more textured. It is suitable for those of you who like ethnic and antique elements in the interior of the room. To add to the impression, the eclectic style also utilizes geometric patterns such as vertical, zigzag, horizontal, or circle on several elements such as carpets and sofas.

Not only are the elements of art and ethnicity striking, but the characteristics in the colors chosen are also interesting things in the eclectic design. These designs often use bright colors, such as shades of gold that are suitable for luxurious interiors. This gold color makes the room look more artistic and luxurious. When traditional elements are displayed in this design, it will have high artistic value. The combination of several design styles with additional accessories that become the focal point of the room makes the residential look more unique and luxurious. It can be seen, the electrical style combines a variety of things, whether from building structures, decorating motifs, furniture selection, ethnic elements to historical elements.

Eclectic Style Like Reflecting into the Past

Although there are many application concepts, all concepts are perfect, the eclectic style will realize the final design that has its characteristics. You can see classic design elements such as Victorian or Gothic style. The results of the eclectic style will create a unique, attractive, self-contained, and representative homeowner's taste. You don't need to be afraid to include various colors of furniture and accessories and don't forget to use binders of all the colors you want to apply. One to two bright colors. By applying an eclectic design, you will look in the past.

The Role of Interior Design Services to Realize the Dream Apartment Interior

Jakarta's interior design apartment concept has become the most chosen option this year. In thinking about clients' needs and desires, Jakarta's interior design services consider the elements that will be integrated later. Call it the room, workspace, dining room, kitchen, living room, family room, and playroom. Besides, there are still many more spaces that must be combined into one and become a pleasant dwelling.

Thinking about that, interior consultant services and architect consultants consider every aspect of a space. Starting from the planning of the wall model, ceiling, lighting, floor, until the choice of furniture needed. For the selection of furniture, the eclectic style uses decorations that are full of details and have a very dominant artistic value. Want to make your apartment more eclectic? For this reason, an appropriate architectural consultant, interior consultant, and interior contractor are needed and understand all aspects needed by the client.

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