Apartment Interior Design Jakarta: Tips for Organizing Apartment Room for Ramadan

posted on May 6, 2020

Apartment Interior Design Jakarta: Tips for Organizing Apartment Room for Ramadan

The month of Ramadan has arrived. Usually, at this time you will often receive guests to break the fast together. However, during a pandemic like this, there is no breaking fast with your guests. Even so, you can still break the fast together with your family members. Surely you and your family want to feel comfortable breaking the fast together at home. Being in a long time in your apartment, often you feel bored with the look of monotonous interior design. Especially if you break the fast together, it turns out you can prepare an appropriate spatial arrangement when gathering with family. So, how is the right spatial planning? Interior design apartment Jakarta provides tips for designing an apartment that suits your needs during this Ramadan. You can make your apartment a comfortable place for your family. However, you need to know that each apartment has different space, you can overcome these obstacles by consulting the interior of Jakarta apartment design for the perfect arrangement of apartment space. That way, the atmosphere of the space in your apartment can make you feel comfortable, as well as going out you can enjoy breaking the fast together with pleasure.

When you want to organize your apartment space to break the fast together, interior design apartment Jakarta suggests that you pay attention to each of your family members, for example, your family has small children or elderly people. By notifying this to Jakarta's interior design apartment, they will find out the concept of spatial planning that is right for all family members. You must provide enough area for your family. Here are tips that you can refer to organize the room in your apartment. Remember, before you do consultations with Jakarta apartment interior design, you should provide references to the apartment design arrangement that you like.

Interior Design Apartment Jakarta to Make Room More Spacious

In designing the space of your apartment to suit your needs, the interior design of an apartment in Jakarta will change the position of the furniture in the room. That way will make the room in your apartment feel relieved, especially if you have a lot of family members. Besides, the spacious designed room will make it easier for you to put a variety of iftar meals on the table or serve them in a relaxed way. To break the lesehan style fasting, interior design apartment Jakarta will put a wide-size carpet that you and your family members can use. There is a large space inside your apartment, the room is very multifunctional. Interior design apartment Jakarta can turn a living room in your apartment into a prayer room. Your extended family will feel comfortable opening together in your apartment. If you feel the room is less spacious, you can shift the other furniture in the room so that space becomes more spacious and enough to accommodate your extended family.

Interior Design Apartment Jakarta Choose the Right Decoration

If you choose a dining table with large size to serve all iftar meals together, you should put the right decorations in your dining room. In addition to choosing tablecloths and other dining furniture, you can add accessories that will be placed on your dining table, such as candle accessories. To add to the beautiful impression of a room, interior design apartment Jakarta will provide fresh flower decorations that will give a fresh impression for you and your family. You must choose the right flowers to complement the interior design of the dining room in your apartment.

Interior Design Apartment Jakarta Give a Typical Ramadan Decoration

In giving the right decoration touch, interior design apartment Jakarta will choose a variety of typical Ramadan decorations. Although it's easy, you have to put the decor elements in the right setting. To give a more distinctive impression, you can decorate the door with a diamond decoration made of ribbon. Not only that, but you can also choose a few candles and place them in the corner of your apartment room. In other rooms, such as bedrooms, you can add a special pillowcase patterned typical of Ramadan or green. You do not forget to put a carpet to decorate your living room that serves as a shared open area. That way, you and your family can feel the warm nuances typical of Ramadan if you are in the room. To get the perfect interior design results typical of Ramadan, You can work with interior design apartment Jakarta. The interior design of your apartment will make you and your family not feel bored having to be in the apartment. Interior design apartment Jakarta will overcome all obstacles in the interior design of your apartment.

Interior Design Apartment Jakarta Give A Fragrances Touch

To make your extended family feel more comfortable when opening together, you can add fragrances to several rooms. For fragrances, you can spray perfume that has a soft aroma in some rooms and corners in your apartment, such as carpet and decorative pillows. In addition to using the right perfume for your apartment, you can also choose some flowers that have a refreshing aroma. With the fresh scent of these flowers, your room becomes more attractive. Interior design Jakarta apartments choose jasmine flowers or jasmine flowers that you can make a choice. Flowers that have a natural fragrance can be a choice of decorative elements in the space of your apartment. Other alternatives that you can choose are essential oils or aromatherapy candles. Therefore,

Interior Design Apartment Jakarta Maximize Space Function

As you already know, after breaking the fast together with your family, you can worship in the same room. Therefore, the interior design apartment Jakarta will maximize the space of your apartment, for example, the living room can be made another function as a worship space. To make your extended family feel comfortable, you can put a carpet as an additional prayer mat. To create a spacious space, rather than shifting furniture, by utilizing the interior design of an apartment in Jakarta, you can create a space that suits your needs. That way, you don't need to feel complicated if you want to break the fast together with your family in your apartment.

Well, those are some room management tips in your apartment that you can emulate. Your family will feel comfortable breaking the fast together in your apartment. To get the perfect interior design results, you can contact our customer service on our official website page. We as an interior design apartment Jakarta will create an apartment space according to your needs and desires. Display the space of your apartment will not look monotonous.

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