Adjusting Kitchen Set To Residential Needs

posted on October 3, 2019

Adjusting Kitchen Set To Residential Needs


The kitchen is the heart of the house, like an important part of the human body. The kitchen has many functions. Whether it's preparing food, sharing or helping with homework, the kitchen is a gathering place with friends and family. In this room, family members often spend time together. Especially if you have a hobby of cooking, of course, the existence of a kitchen is more important than other spaces.

Along with the development of the times and changing needs in homes that are quite adequate in size, the presence of two types of kitchens began to bloom. If in the past the kitchen was only known as a wet kitchen, now it is different, someone made two kitchens in an apartment or a house. Are you one of those people who has two types of a kitchen? Or do you only like having one kitchen? Now there are dry kitchens and wet kitchens - or better known as a pantry. So, what are the differences between the two types of the kitchen? Is the existence of these two kitchens required for houses inhabited by modern families?

Use of Wet Kitchen

Wet kitchens are more common in some Asian countries including Indonesia. The term is used for a room that is used specifically as a processing area for heavy cuisines, such as when you want to cook rice and various side dishes to eat. Not only cooking but also washing dishes. So named because of the many types of food cooked in the kitchen that makes it dirty and wet quickly.

Of course, the situation of the kitchen like that is not desirable, especially housewives so that the placement of the location was in the form of a separate room which was quite separate and not visible to guests. This kind of spatial planning can be applied to make the interior design of the house always look clean at all times, including the very influential kitchen set arrangement.

Wet Kitchen Arrangement

Moreover, it has become a common design that wet kitchen sizes are different from dry kitchens. The size of a wet kitchen is made bigger, the extent of which can reach twice that of a dry kitchen. Predictably, the wet kitchen has a larger size because furniture such as refrigerators, ovens, sinks, stoves, and cabinet store seasonings require a lot of space. Although the wet kitchen is often used, the location of the kitchen space is always made in the back of the room, usually so that guests who come to visit do not see first hand the appearance of a wet kitchen.

Although rarely seen by guests, but in its arrangement, a wet kitchen cannot be made haphazardly. Still, it must be done carefully and thoroughly. Various furniture such as stays, knives, pans and cooking spices must be placed close to the kitchen island. Of course, this arrangement will make it easier for you to find and pick up the spices needed.

Things you must remember when arranging the layout of furniture for your wet kitchen, not all cooking utensils are placed in the cabinet. You can just hang some equipment on the wall, making it easier for you when you want to use it.

You have arranged your wet kitchen as best you can, but it's no wonder that many people especially housewives often complain about the wet kitchen they have. The kitchen room rarely looks clean, there must be cooking activities that are always done. Are you the type of person who likes to cook? You must also feel confused to keep your kitchen clean, even though you often use it for cooking. This time there is no need to be confused and worried about the appearance of a wet kitchen, you can design a wet kitchen to look clean and neat at all times. Ready to try it? Here are some things you need to consider to design a wet kitchen as you wish.

1. Need for Cabinet Installation
Cabinets are furniture that must be inside the wet kitchen area, either in the form of an upper cabinet or a lower cabinet. The cabinet functions as a place for arranging and storing kitchen utensils so that the room looks neat and organized. In it can be separated between equipment and ingredients and herbs. But not all kitchen utensils must be placed in the cabinet, because some are better placed on hangers such as knives, sponges, spatulas, and some light equipment that is often used for cooking.

2. The Need for Smoke Suction Installations
The kitchen is identical to the smoke from the stove, grill and burnt fire. The smoke causes unpleasant odors not only in the kitchen area but can also spread to other rooms in the house. Especially if you are cooking a dish with a strong aroma, the aroma will last long enough. A vacuum cleaner is needed to remove smoke out of the kitchen area to minimize its spread. For those of you who have family members who can't stand the smoke or even small children, the installation of a vacuum cleaner is very important to be in the house.

3. Using Ceramics as Wall and Floor Materials
Cooking activities in the kitchen are vulnerable to the walls and floors, either by splashing oil or seasoning which can cause stains. The use of ceramic materials on walls and floors is intended to be easy to clean if exposed to dirt and not imprinted. The use of ceramic material should be applied in wet kitchens considering the activities carried out in the room are heavier with more frequent frequencies.

Use of Dry Kitchen

Dry kitchen commonly referred to as a beautiful kitchen is also a clean kitchen, but do not forget the function of the kitchen such as storing cooking utensils and food ingredients as needed, in contrast to a more complete wet kitchen. The dry kitchen also serves as a place to prepare various types of snacks, one of them is breakfast.

You can make this beautiful kitchen as a comfortable place for chatting, a place to display cooking and dining utensils as a display, as well as a storage place for electronic equipment that is commonly used for cooking. As for activities that are usually done include storing ingredients and dry food, cooking practical food, warming food, and making fresh drinks that do not require a long time.

In its development, the dry kitchen for some modern families is used as a gathering place while enjoying small dishes, some are even equipped with television as entertainment. This makes dry kitchens made very organized by following the latest trends, and kitchen furnishings are no exception. Laying the dry kitchen near the dining room so that it can be seen by guests, is very different from a wet kitchen right? For homeowners, the kitchen is a matter of pride if guests praise the decor. That is the reason many people want a dry kitchen arranged as attractive as possible so that it can be a representation of the owner. Before you start designing your dry kitchen, you should consider the following points.

1. Kitchen Design follows the interior style of the house
The kitchen should remain a unity with other rooms in the house. For that, the kitchen needs to be given a design with the same theme or at least has a similar feel. The placement of furniture also needs to be adjusted to the needs of the owner. Other materials can be placed on the walls or floors of the kitchen, such as giving ornamental ketamine accents or large pieces. The floor can also be applied to tile applications using granita or marble patterns in a large size so that it can give a roomy impression. Kitchen design is also important to make the overall appearance of the house balanced.

2. Kitchen Design Adjusts Lifestyle and Intensity of Use

The minimalist interior design style is blooming, and the kitchen that carries the open concept in front of the dining table is one part. Unlike the conventional kitchen design, all parts of the kitchen and its activities can be seen from the dining table next to the family room. Not only that, but many also choose to connect the kitchen with outdoor areas so they can enjoy the green scenery and fresh air. Using a glass door as a link between the kitchen area and the inside area can also be made a choice, and choosing not to use a barrier at all is also possible. Installing a transparent roof can also be applied to the ceiling to prevent temps in the rain and avoid water seepage into the kitchen area.

3. Adding Kitchen Sets that Fit Your Needs

The kitchen sets generally consist of an upper cabinet, a protective wall, and a lower cabinet. This model is usually made as a built-in so it needs to be done planning and measurements to adjust the area of the house as well as the style of interior design applied. Laying of goods according to function also needs to be done before filling the cabinets of the kitchen set. Also, pay attention to your workflow while in the kitchen if it is following the order you usually do. A small kitchen sink and flat stove can also be placed so that the kitchen is practical. While the refrigerator is planted on the wall to make it look neat. You become interested in having a dry kitchen?

The discussion and elaboration of the tips above regarding wet and dry kitchens certainly become your consideration when you want to create a kitchen area at home. Especially as Indonesian people who on average have a more complicated culture of cooking compared to other countries. Are you interested in having two types of a kitchen in your house or apartment? Or you want a division of cabinets for these two types of kitchen. So that your kitchen can be seen by other cleaner and neater? To have a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen in a dwelling, a budget is needed that must be by the budget you have prepared. Aside from being based on a budget, you also need to consider its functions in everyday life so that it can be used effectively.

No need to worry anymore, Hyde Living can help you design a kitchen and kitchen set that suits your needs both for the construction of a wet or dry kitchen. Not only consult about the style of design, but our team can also help make the RAB following the concept of residential that you want. The kitchen is also an important space in a residence. You do not want, do you see the state of your kitchen dirty mess? Contact WhatsApp Hyde Living for the manufacture of Jakarta kitchen sets. So there is no doubt in you to choose the desired kitchen design.


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