8 Home Interior Design Trends In Jakarta That Make You Cozy

posted on February 28, 2020

8 Home Interior Design Trends In Jakarta That Make You Cozy

Do you currently have a desire to build a house or perhaps renovating it? You already know what kind of interior design you want? If you are still confused in choosing the right interior design for your home, just check the interior design trends this year that you can refer to. Of course, all the rooms in your house will look more attractive than ever. You want to know what the trends of contemporary interior design that you can apply in your home? Here is the interior design trends this year is important for you to know.

Color Trends Dark Blue and Gray Navy for Home Interior Design

All the colors that can be used in interior design, dark blue and gray navy became the most attention this year. For the second application of this color, you can apply it to the interior design in the rooms of your house, such as furniture. Application of dark blue color alone could provide the perfect contrast effect in the interior design for the style of traditional and modern homes. This color can also give the impression of stately elegant in your home instead of the black color. The blue color is known as an attractive paint colors and you can use it in wallpaper, textiles, and even furniture that has a large ukran.

While the navy is not new for the application on the interior design of the house, but the color will increasingly replace neutral colors such as gray and beige in your home. Both of these colors in the application of interior design can offer a sense of comfort and calm to you. Unfortunately, for the navy is still less suitable for use in the dining room and the living room. Besides these two dark blue and gray navy, you can also try the colors are considered to be bolder and darker which can be used to substitute a neutral color on the interior design of your home.

Non-white Kitchen Full Color for Home Interior Design

Do you remember the dominance of the first all-white color, around 2010 the most defining color in interior design home kitchen? Now is not the popular color in 2020, the color of the interior design will be changed to another color that is suitable for the kitchen. So, you do not have to choose white color again. You can choose bright colors other than white to be applied to the interior design of the kitchen. Colorful experiment in your kitchen will create the impression of an energetic and friendly. As bright and bold colors in your kitchen cabinets. Already interested in renovating the interior design of your kitchen?

Not only replace the colors in the kitchen alone, you can also put the works of art in your kitchen. Though usually works of art are placed in a private room or family room. Make sure you try displaying some artwork in the kitchen. The interior design of your home will be more complete.

Bedrooms Created Small Size for Home Interior Design

Now, you do not have to worry about having a small area of ​​the room. You can still use it. For example, if you want to have a new room, you can use the room. You need to remember, a small space can not only be easily decorated, but you can make it as a place to experiment with applying pla and bold colors. The interior design of the washroom you will still be interesting. If the wallpaper in a large-sized rooms look too much, but it could easily transform a small room space into the identity of the purpose of the interior design is applied.

Classical Touch Accents for Home Interior Design

Despite years of continuous change, in fact, a classic accent still the choice of many people's favorite interior design in this year. A touch of classic accents for the interior design of your home will become its own characteristics. You can apply a classic accent on your home furnishings such as lamps or chairs. With more and more people are interested in applying classic interior design, you will often see a lot of classical and traditional details.

Home Interior Design Use Vanities Cement

In contrast to classical accents that are always there every year, you'll now find a lot of unexpected furniture can be used in your home space. One of such furniture is vanities. Type of furniture has a multifunctional circuit can be placed in the bath in the form of a dressing table, dresser, mirror, shelf storage, as well as at the top of the table sink vanities. Complement this interior design consists of a sink of cement, such as cement for vanities that are in the bathroom. No doubt, cement is a material that is more popular for home interior design. Cement is often used as material selection considered karean good at creating the impression of modern style also rustic interior design of your home. Vanities are not made of cement, but wood vanities or standart marble can be your option for interior design your room is beautiful.

Re-used Formal Dining Room

Now the interior design for open space has been an inspiration, including a growing number of homeowners who want a formal dining room interior design in his home. Usually the dining room which is fully enclosed from other parts of the interior design of your home, but not for this year. Formal dining room design can be made open. Do not forget, formal dining room interior design as it should be directed and smooth, do not get lost functionality. The interior design of the formal dining room can give you a room that is not as separate and closer to another room in your home.

Utilization of Natural Stone

Not just any handmade raw materials used in the interior design of your home, a natural substance commonly used as well. The interior design of your home will make it look cool like being in nature. Natural materials such as limestone, sandstone, and onyx can be used for interior design tables to dressers, also tiled bathroom. Without realizing it, when you applying natural materials in the interior design of the house, not only make you care and more aware about the environment, but also the interior design of your home has unique look.

Paint Color With The Impression of Peace and Quiet

When 2019, the interior design of a house is the Living Coral, this year softer colors much choice. From the pastel green color to a soft pink color, you can choose the color that inspired neutrals. Interior design in your home will be able to show the impression of peaceful too quiet. For a bolder color choices, let's say hunter green color still be a preferred color choice interior design. In addition, the colors with less bright display is quickly becoming the first choice for interior design throughout your home space.

Are you interested following the trend of the above for the interior design of your home? We can help you to make it happen. As an interior design services in Jakarta, we will provide all the facilities you need, we can renovate your interior design or choose the best interior design for your home. Enjoy the comfort of your home by working with us.

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