4 Benefits of Using Home Contractor Services

posted on December 9, 2019

4 Benefits of Using Home Contractor Services

Contemporary minimalist design with an eclectic touch of luxury is also a much sought-after reference today. The interior design is made to match the needs that support the lifestyle of the owner, especially the apartment. Do not let the limited space in the apartment makes our clients limit themselves to be creative in accordance with the character and preferences.

The interior design of the apartment with a contemporary minimalist interior design is also equipped with a luxurious eclectic touch to the decor. In the minimalist concept, the use of space is usually adjusted to the needs of the owner. Each element in the dwelling has its own function and nothing is excessive. For example, like a small dining table that is adjusted to the number of occupants.

Meanwhile, contemporary design follows the current situation. Usually the interior of a house with a contemporary style is more eye catching, because of its unique shape or structure or striking color. Contemporary is also often known for being clean, soft, and comfortable. Similar minimalist and contemporary characteristics make a combination of the two can produce a perfect interior design.

A room that is designed in a contemporary style prefers cleanliness and comfort. This can be seen from the apartment design by Samitrayasa Design that uses soft colors like white, gray and brown to give the impression of being clean and comfortable. The room sofa is gray in harmony with the color of the curtains and white lighting.

In addition, lighting also has an important role in contemporary minimalist interior design. The lights on this design are usually highlighted through glass or metal. The selected lamp model also acts as a focal point and focal point of space that can steal attention.

Although the interior space of the apartment looks minimalist and monotonous with neutral colors, the eclectic element in the room adds its own unique accent. Actually the design style of an eclectic apartment is a combination of several elements and a variety of furniture that can become a single unit in a room. The combination of various elements in an eclectic design does not mean it will produce a messy design.

On the contrary, this design will create beauty and not boring to the eye for the interior design of the apartment.

One element that often appears in eclectic designs is the ethnic element. Accessories and furniture that has carvings are widely used to decorate home decor. For example, such as carved accents placed on the wall in the dining table area that is thick with ethnic nuances. Although impressed by ethnic and traditional, this carving is still suitable when juxtaposed with dining table furniture and modern living room furniture.

The interior decoration of the apartment combines several design styles as an eclectic characteristic. This design is synonymous with decorations and accessories whose shapes, colors and motifs have their own artistic value. In addition to the ethnic elements of carvings, the furniture used is also antique and has a deconstruction and asymmetrical design. In addition, wall paint is also often made more textured.

In addition to containing elements of art and ethnicity, eclectic designs also have special color selection characteristics. Namely using bright colors, such as shades of gold that are suitable for luxurious interiors. This gold color makes the room look more artistic and luxurious. Traditional elements will feature designs that have high artistic value. The combination of several design styles with additional accessories that become the focal point of the room makes the residential look more unique and luxurious.

Jakarta's interior design apartment concept has become the preferred choice in 2019. And thinking about the needs and desires of clients, Jakarta interior design services think about the elements that will be integrated. Starting from the room, work space, dining room, kitchen, living room, family room, and playroom, there are many more spaces that must be combined into one into a pleasant dwelling. Interior consultant services and architect consultants consider every aspect of space, from planning walls, ceilings, lighting, floors, to what furniture is needed. For this reason, architect consultants, interior consultants, and interior contractors are needed that are appropriate and understand all aspects needed by the client.

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