Minimalist Interior Design Trend in 2020

posted on October 31, 2019

Minimalist Interior Design Trend in 2020

Facing the development of a minimalist home interior design style at this time, which is where the interest of the trend demands simple, simple, even related to technology. With these trends, many preferences can be absorbed for home remodeling designs when designing dwellings to choose from. Like when choosing clothes, music, and others as daily preferences. Jakarta's interior design services have been rife.

Designing dwellings, ranging from apartment interiors, residential interiors, and others with a variety of styles, such as classic, classic - modern, modern - minimalist, modern - contemporary, Scandinavian, shabby chic, or traditional, will show the character and tastes of the owner in the interior aspect. Homeowners certainly want to realize a dream home in accordance with the desires of the interior design style. When you want to realize the design, surely you need a variety of products and the right solutions. The meeting between the client and the interior consultant completes the puzzle of the client's wishes and develops the dwelling into a dream dwelling. Modern home interiors that are always desired by every residential owner.

Currently the apartment is becoming a development trend in the interior. Jakarta's interior design apartment has become one of the Interior Design trends in 2019. Themes that were once combined with the Modern world have become an advantage this year. At present the trend of mix and match becomes very vocal, mixing modern with vintage or modern with classic. Not only highlighted in the form of interior or exterior even in the architecture. Jakarta contractor services helped to succeed the design development by building on the uniqueness that has been designed by architects and designers. Interior contractors and apartment contractors are the things to look for and solve problems with residential ideas that come out with the right application.

The interesting thing in 2019 is the emergence of pastel colored furniture. In this modern era, we often find interior design with the concept of pastel colors. Unique colors that appear refreshing eyes. Pastel colors tend to be soft, making them a game material of modern design today. Fulfilling desires looks different, being unique and modern according to the lifestyle adopted by most humans. Apartment design services and home design services recommend pastel colors because in addition to being trendy and aesthetic, pastel colors are believed to provide a calming psychological effect on the residents.

Minimalist interior design that creates a natural and beautiful atmosphere? Pastel green color is very suitable to be chosen. This color is believed to provide a soothing and healthy effect on the eyes so that it is ideally applied in the bedroom, workspace, or children's study. So that even with too much space, the room still looks fresh.

Application of neutral colors but do not want to seem boring, pastel ash will be a suitable color. This color has a soft character and is ready to give a modern impression on modern home interiors. Give the impression of space that is bright and spacious, and suitable combined with various models of furniture ranging from mattresses, shelves, to work desks or study desks.

The blue color is very identical with sky and water. If you want to create a relaxed sensation that always gives a positive mood, then the pastel blue color is very fitting to be applied in the bedroom. Not only for adult rooms, this color is also very fitting to be used in children's rooms, and is suitable to be combined with a variety of colors and neutral colored furniture such as mattresses and children's chairs.

In fact, purple is a color that represents an energetic character. If you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere, pastel purple can be an option because besides giving a bright impression it can also provide a classy relaxed atmosphere. Please apply pastel purple in the living room or family room to accentuate the character.

The application of color has supported the world of interior design and architect consultant. Bringing a big role in the change in minimalist home interior design. With more and more changes and space requirements, some people are trying to make things easier, one of them by choosing multifunctional furniture. Furniture is in a room that really has a function. Items that have no function at all are more eliminated in this trend. It also presents beauty as well as natural with goods made from natural materials. Like wood, bamboo and the like.

As explained above, natural nuances are a trend in 2019. Natural wood shades are a trend for home interior design and apartment interior design. In millennial times, various activities make someone crave a comfortable natural atmosphere. One thing that was created for this is presenting a wooden house.

Besides being comfortable, a house with wooden shades also gives warmth to its residents. This will support human activities that tend to spend time at work. So the house is really expected to be a comfortable resting place. By giving a special theme and uniqueness in the interior of the interior of the house.

Bohemian, the theme is still coloring the modern home interior design in 2019. A freer lifestyle makes the bohemian style preferred by many people. Various furnishings and colors are combined to create a friendly atmosphere. Especially the application in the livingroom and kitchen set.

Kitchen design that wants the kitchen area looks attractive. Kitchen set models also follow the changes in these 3 styles and mixed with modern. Combining 3 styles namely bohemian, mediterranean and Scandinavian will make a high aesthetic home but simple. As well as being able to remind the atmosphere of the romantic lights with some classic collections installed. The combination of bohemian and Scandinavian will present a friendly and simple atmosphere. But it gives an impressive aesthetic. Sometimes even the combination makes a simple room elegant and charming.

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