Bathroom Design For Minimalist Residential

posted on November 14, 2019

Bathroom Design For Minimalist Residential

The bathroom has become one of the main aspects of apartment interior design and home interior design. Narrow bathroom space is not an obstacle to designing a modern bathroom. The bathroom can be divided into two namely wet and dry bathrooms.

A wet bathroom is there a wet bathroom always wet, except when not in use. Wet bathroom types will support any pattern of bathing, bathing using a dipper or shower, to the toilet.

As for a dry bathroom in this dry bathroom, we not only take a shower and defecate but also function as a room for dressing. Therefore, the name of a dry bathroom has the impression of being more impressed with a modern, elegant and clean design, if we compare it to a wet bathroom.

In the dry bathroom model, we can more freely to beautify the appearance with a variety of accessories. the use of materials such as floor coverings is more flexible and does not have to be rough, because in this bathroom model it is never wet.

Actually we can also apply a dry bathroom model on small size but it should be more functioned as a powder room, which is only to accommodate the toilet and sink or dressing table. When used as a bathroom, it can accommodate a separate bathtub or shower area, which will require a wider size
If a bathroom that we have has a relatively small size, a wet bathroom model that is usually applied. Because of its limited size, it can be difficult to provide a partition. Therefore, each activity is carried out as easily as possible in adjacent areas. In bathroom accessories such as shelves, shelves, and cabinets, you must use waterproof material to be durable.

In apartments with minimalist interior designs, wet areas are insulated to separate them from dry areas. The use of a glass shower so that the small bathroom does not seem crowded. This glass divider also makes the bathroom look modern. Besides of course dominated by white color and supported by bright lighting. But this can also be done in minimalist home interiors.

Not only dry and wet. There is also a separate bathroom, which is separated by a toilet. Bathroom in particular by each of its functions. The bathroom is also divided according to who uses it. Inside the house, there is a guest bathroom and family bathroom which are usually placed in the main room.

If examined further, interior design trends always refer to the pattern of human life based on the influence of the environment and culture. With the growing era of technological influences, apartment interior designs and home interior designs will also become increasingly attractive going forward. This design need must also be supported by trusted interior contractors, so that the construction until the final process will be maximized.

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