Adjusting Kitchen Set To Residential Needs

posted on October 3, 2019

Adjusting Kitchen Set To Residential Needs

is the heart of the house. Whether it's preparing food, sharing pizza or helping with homework, the kitchen is a place where family and friends gather. If in the past the kitchen was only known by one type, namely the wet kitchen, now, along with the development of needs, in houses that are quite adequate in size, the presence of two types of kitchens began to bloom, including dry kitchen and wet kitchen, or known as pantry. So, what's the difference between the two types of kitchen?

 The term wet kitchen indeed feels common in Indonesia and some Asian countries. Wet kitchen is one of the most important and useful spaces to assist you in processing heavy dishes. Wet kitchen is usually used for cooking and washing dishes. In terms of placement or location, this kitchen usually seems to have its own space and is not visible to guests. This arrangement is very useful to make the interior design of your home look always clean all the time. No wonder this kitchen is called a wet kitchen because many types of food are cooked so that the kitchen is dirty and wet quickly. The situation of a dirty and wet kitchen is certainly not every housewife's dream.

There are some tips that need to be considered for designing a wet kitchen so it looks clean and neat. The existence of both lower and upper cabinet is a must in a wet kitchen. The cabinet has a very useful role to organize and place kitchen utensils so that the kitchen looks neat and orderly. In addition, the cabinet can also help to separate utensils, ingredients, and spices.

Hangers, not all kitchen utensils must be placed in the cabinet, there are times when some equipment is better placed on the hanger, such as knives, sponges, and some equipment that is lightweight and is often used.

The vacuum cleaner, the kitchen is identical to the smoke which is the result of a stove, grill, burner, and others. Smoke can produce unpleasant results for the room and can also spread to other rooms in the house. Therefore, put the smoke suction so the smoke can immediately be wasted out of the room.

Wall and floor materials, preferably walls and floors in a wet kitchen using ceramic materials. Especially for the walls, because the walls are usually exposed to splashes of various ingredients and seasonings in the kitchen, whether sprinkling oil or herbs. Ceramic wall and floor materials will be easier to clean if exposed to these impurities.

In addition to a wet kitchen, there is also a dry kitchen or commonly called a beautiful kitchen. This kitchen serves to help prepare types of snacks, such as breakfast. In addition, in this beautiful kitchen, can store sophisticated equipment that can be used in cooking. In addition to a comfortable place to chat, this beautiful kitchen can also be a place to display tableware that can be a focal point in the house. Activities in the dry kitchen usually include storing dry food, cooking practical food, warming food, and making fresh drinks. For modern families, dry kitchen can also be a place for family gatherings while enjoying small dishes. In fact, not infrequently also equipped with television for entertainment.

In terms of arrangement, dry kitchens are made very organized, the furniture follows the current trends as well as other kitchen furniture. Its location is usually near the dining room so that when guests come can immediately see it too. A kind of pride for the owner of the house when the guest praised the dry furniture or kitchen decor.

Here are tips for designing a dry kitchen. Make the kitchen design follow the theme of the interior of the house. This is done so that the kitchen can still become one unit with other rooms. Preferably, the placement of furniture is also right and adjusted to the needs. One solution is to present a kitchen set. Generally, the kitchen set consists of a lower cabinet, a protective wall (backsplash), and an upper cabinet. This furniture model is usually made built in, so it needs proper planning and measurement. Before starting to fill the kitchen set cabinets with cooking utensils and others, for the area of ​​laying of goods according to their function. To give an aesthetic accent, you can place other materials on the wall or on the kitchen floor. Like placing in one corner of the wall placed accented ceramic or large-cut ceramic. Meanwhile, tile applications can use large granite or ceramic or marble patterns to give a spacious impression.

With the minimalist interior design concept that is currently rife, the kitchen that carries the open concept is in front of the dining table. In contrast to conventional kitchens, all parts of the kitchen and its activities can be seen from the dining table next to the family room. Using the right kitchen set, equipped with storage cabinets at the top and bottom which is enough to store kitchen utensils. Small kitchen sinks and flat stoves make this kitchen practical. While the refrigerator is planted on the wall so it looks neat.

But not only that, nowadays more and more people are choosing to connect the kitchen with outdoor areas so they can enjoy the green scenery and fresh air. Using the glass door as a link between the semi out door kitchen area and the inside area can also be an option. Choosing not to use borders at all can also be done. Install a transparent roof on the ceiling to prevent tempias when it rains.

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