Adjusting Interior Design with Room Functions

posted on November 27, 2019

Adjusting Interior Design with Room Functions

In a residential house, the bedroom deliberately made into the most spacious area. So that its inhabitants can comfortably unwind after a busy day with a variety of activities. Not only rooms for adults, but for rooms for teenagers, children, and babies. Large storage cabinets are designed to meet one side of the wall of the room. With a high design to the ceiling of the room, storage cabinets look like ordinary walls. This is a visual illusion that makes the bedroom more spacious impression. Quite often the desire to make custom cabinets is done by maximizing the use of space in accordance with the needs and desires.

There is also a multifunctional headboard. Unlike headboards or mattress backs in general, the headboard is quite long and also functions as a screen. The headboard is designed not too high so it looks balanced with the size of the bed. Of course, so that the bedroom room remains spacious and spacious. Although it functions as a baffle, the headboard is still made one with the bed. This simple, minimalist white headboard was made in two layers.


One of the work desk designs in the bedroom interior design is also an important aspect. The spacious bedroom is designed to double function. Right behind the two-layer headboard, there is a small work table, complete the bedroom. Tiny table made attached to the second layer of the headboard with the position of the table surface lower than the headboard. The goal, so that chaos on the work table is not visible from the bed. Room occupants can still relax without disturbing the view on the work desk. Workspace integrated with the bedroom is a solution to the limitations of space in the apartment.

Children's study rooms are made as comfortable and attractive as possible so that children are motivated to learn. Besides the multifunctional headboard, the study table made under the level Mattress is also interesting. Mattresses at the top and at the bottom of the study table and bookshelves and school supplies for the child. So the place of learning is also a place of entertainment for children.

Entertainment is the need for all family members. Television has become one of the entertainment options at home. Depending on the goals and needs, television placement can be adjusted. As an entertainment not placed in the family room, but in the bedroom. The television is mounted right on the wall facing directly to the bed. So, residents can enjoy the spectacle in the room while resting. In the interior of a luxury home can also be used as a family room for chatting with family or guests who come.

Not only the magic world that uses illusions, the design world also uses it in the selection of furniture, colors or space accents. Use one side of the wall in the hallway to the main room and the bathroom is deliberately fitted with a mirror. Not only adds to the aesthetic value of the room, but the mirror is also able to present the illusion of space that seems spacious and spacious. The installation of mirrors to create the illusion of vast space should not be excessive. Enough on one side of the wall. As in the minimalist interior design of the apartment, a mirror wall is mounted across the window so that the light from outside reflects in. Clearly creates a broad and relieved impression. Not only in the hallway, but in the dining room, also a suitable place to pair the glass. With the selection of clear, bronze, and black colors adorn the house beautifully. The addition of a table is also commonly used, so space looks sweet, but it will be dangerous if the glass collides with the table.

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